Grass Fed Beef

The first question nearly every male wellness client that I meet with is,  Can I still eat beef? (then generally followed by the question, can I still drink beer?)

YES, you can eat beef! In fact, I encourage you to eat beef 2 times a week, but there is one stipulation, it MUST be beef from 100% grass fed cows!  There are many benefits of grass fed beef versus grain fed beef.  Grass fed ground beef is high in Omega 3’s, CLA’s, vitamin B, and iron and is also quite lean.  It is similar in fat content as dark meat chicken, bison or venison.  It is very flavorful and meat from pasture raised cows is much healthier then the cows raised on grain.  I believe God intended cows to live on pasture, to roam and graze all day.  I always research different local farms.  I ask about the farm, the pasture, how the pasture is fertilized, what the cows are fed in the winter if there is not enough grass (an issue up north), do the cows have open access to shelter in cold and/or hot weather, the length of time the cows are raised for prior to slaughter, how the cows are slaughtered.  A great resource to find local farms in your area is .  This site is set up by Jo Robinson, she is the guru of grass fed cows/meat and this site provides a great deal of wonderful in depth information on the health benefits of grass fed meat and where to buy it in your area and find local farms.

One of the benefits of buying your meat directly from the farmer is that you often get to choose how the meat is cut.   For example, you can choose to have the bone in the steaks and roasts or out.  You can choose to have stew meat, flank steaks, cube steak or extra ground beef.  Also, buying it directly from the farmer saves $$$. I encourage people to invest in 1/2 cow with friends, family or neighbors because the more you buy the less it costs per lb.

A great farm not far from the Atlanta Area is : Indian Creek Angus
Farmer Dennis offers full, half, 1/4 cow and also does smaller meat packages/boxes for those who  are not ready to invest in a larger amount.

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