Pantry TakeOver offers numerous options, which all include an initial consultation and ongoing support, to provide clients an enriching experience. Services include:


Pantry TakeOver

The core program includes an in-depth review of clients’ current nutrition and eating habits, education on the value of both harmful and helpful foods, (including the Clean Fifteen and Dirty Dozen), a customized list of healthier options, a step-by-step implementation plan to a healthier food lifestyle, a grocery store “cheat sheet,” recipes, and an introduction to farm-to-table.

Shopping Concierge

A personalized grocery store guide provides an on-the-spot resource to the daunting task of making good choices at the supermarket, where there are pitfalls to be found even in the fresh produce section.

Culinary Aide

An in-home advisor ensures that food preparation is done to maximize health and nutritional value, including a cooking demonstration or full lesson.

Cleans/Detox Support

A comprehensive detoxification program is created to transform clients’ health and eating habits. The program includes a pre- and post-consultation, 21 days of whole food supplements, daily support and optional Shopping Concierge and Culinary Aide. The program offers a customized experience with nutritional and support to detox the body.

Farm to Table

When you go to the farmer farmers market and you give a farmer your dollar, you’re ensuring that he or she gets 80 to 90 cents on every dollar you spend. You are helping to strengthen the local economy and support farmers and food artisans. The number of farmers is dwindling every year. It’s up to us as consumers to ensure that they can continue to work the land and provide us with the fresh, healthy, local food we all deserve.
Chef Bryant Terry

There is a growing movement in our country to support local farmers through Farm to Table initiatives. The benefits of this go far beyond simply strengthening our local economy (which alone has enough merit to join the movement). Voting with our wallets to support, local, organic farms sends a message that we value healthy, wholesome foods. Additionally, purchasing direct almost always saves the consumer money as well because you are essentially removing the middle men (food manufacturers and grocery stores) from the equation.

Janell Sycks has visited many of the farms throughout the southeast and has personal relationships with many of the farmers. She has detailed knowledge of the farming techniques employed on many of these local farms and has a list of farms that utilize humane animal practices that she has developed as a result of her research. She is a strong advocate of Farm to Table and has worked with local restaurants, schools, and companies to educate them on how to implement Farm to Table. She believes that there is a common misconception that adopting Farm to Table practices is more difficult than it is in reality. She enjoys taking clients and their families out to local farms and watching them integrate a Farm to Table lifestyle into their own homes.

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What is the pricing of each service?

Prices range depending on the level and depth each individual seeks, which is determined by an initial consultation.  Pantry TakeOver seeks to make its services available to everyone.
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