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Pantry TakeOver is a comprehensive program designed to help educate and raise awareness on food and the impact it can have – both positively and negatively – on our bodies.  Every Pantry TakeOver starts with education and awareness of what is harmful and what is truly healthy. With numerous services available, owner and nutrition expert Janell Sycks will customize an experience to help her clients achieve a healthier lifestyle.

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What type of success has Pantry TakeOver seen?

As an organization, Pantry TakeOver has been at the forefront of the clean eating movement. Founded in 2012 by nutrition expert Janell Sycks, Pantry TakeOver has been on a mission to provide a common sense approach to a healthier lifestyle for busy families.  As a mother of two, Janell understands the challenges of a busy schedule but works to educate families on the ease in which healthier food choices can be made.

In addition, Pantry TakeOver has witnessed the transformation of individuals and families who implement the teachings and methods Pantry TakeOver endorses. Whether as a homeopathic remedy to health concerns, a focus on improving nutritional intake, or addressing the increasing concerns of processed foods and GMO’s (genetically modified food and organisms), Pantry TakeOver clients may seek these services for a myriad of reasons, but all experience the life-changing results of the program.

What type of research has been done on the foods and products recommended by Pantry TakeOver?

Owner Janell Sycks has more than 10 years of experience in health and nutrition. With degrees in anthropology and psychology, Sycks has focused on public health and anthropology through her education and from working for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Sycks builds upon her rich background by doing constant research on wellness, foods, nutritional products, companies, diets, diseases, supplements, vitamins, and vaccines, as well as constant collaboration with medical and homeopathic professionals.  In addition, Sycks works with local farmers and tours every farm that she promotes to ensure that they meet her standards of providing organic and non-GMO foods.

She uncovers both old and new ideas on how to heal the body and obtain optimal health by constantly challenging conventional methods and deciphering the complex information that overwhelms her clients.

Why is there a need for programs such as Pantry TakeOver?

News reports, diet claims, and product advertising continuously bombard us with conflicting messages about how to live a healthy lifestyle. Pantry TakeOver simplifies its clients’ approach to a healthy-eating lifestyle by educating them on the true positives and negatives of food. For example, just because something is organic, low fat, zero calories, sugar free, or gluten free does not mean that it is healthy. And while many rely on the FDA to ensure that food products are safe and beneficial to consume, there continues to be controversy and questions surrounding genetically modified food and organisms (GMOs), hormones and antibodies in meat products, potential dangers of artificial sweeteners, and even beef washed in ammonia (a.k.a. “pink slime.”) Americans must take their health and nutrition into their own hands. Pantry TakeOver empowers them to do just that through its comprehensive education and implementation programs.

Do Pantry TakeOver services extend beyond Atlanta?

While based in Atlanta, Pantry TakeOver can tailor many of its programs to clients in cities across the United States.