Wellness Consultations

I am just too tired…
I do not have enough time…
It is way too expensive…
My children are picky eaters….
My husband is a meat and potatoes kinda guy…
I am a foodie, I like my food to taste good, not like cardboard….

Everyday, people give me excuses as to why they can not implement eating clean and living green into their lifestyle.  I often hear: “it is just TOO hard to eat healthy, that is takes TOO much time or money to buy and prepare healthy meals and snacks.”  Well I am here to tell you, actually promise you that eating healthy can be easy to integrate into your daily life. You and your entire family will enjoy it and will feel healthier and happier when you begin to eat pure and clean.  Every wellness client I have met with has been amazed with how simple it really can be to eat, live and be healthier everyday by following my Eliminate, Limit and Implement list.   In one consultation, you will be given the tools and education needed to begin to eat cleaner, live greener and become healthier.

Each Wellness Consultation lasts 2 + hrs and consists of the following:

  • a in depth review of your current diet, meals, snacks, household and nutritional products
  • If you have food allergies, I will recommend healthy, tasty foods, products and recipes and I will teach you easy ways to successfully follow your allergy safe diet
  • An Eliminate, Limit and Implement list designed specifically to help you reach your wellness goals
  • An introduction and explanation of various healthy meals, snacks, brands and products for you to implement into your diet, I will provide examples and let you sample some recommended foods
  • A grocery store “Cheat Sheet” that reveals where to buy which products at the most affordable price  and shows you which ingredients to avoid and which products and brands are generally best and healthiest
  • A review of the Clean Fifteen and Dirty Dozen , ie: when to buy conventional vs organic produce list
  • Learn how to get most of your daily required nutrition from your food
  • plenty of time will be dedicated to answering your questions and explaining the health benefits of certain types of foods
  • Ending on a healthy note, we will finish the consultation with a simple, healthy and delicious Kale Salad recipe to make and enjoy

Wellness Consultation (2 hrs) $65
Fully Pantry TakeOver in your home (2 1/2) $90

Add ons:
Trip to local grocery store with Janell (1+ hr)  $45
Cooking / Baking with Janell (1+ hr) $45 + cost of ingredients
Follow up Consultation (1+ hrs) $45

A healthier mind, body and soul = priceless

I am passionate about helping others learn how to eat clean, live a greener life and become healthier!    Message me if you have any questions or would like to schedule a wellness consultation.

If you have had a wellness consultation with me, please comment below and tell others how it was and if it has helped you become healthier  …  Thank you!

Cheers to your Health,
Janell Sycks (aka Organic Girl)

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