The Key to Staying Healthy

The Key to Staying Healthy With a Busy Schedule

Now days, our schedules are so busy. Driving the kids to school. Work. Daughter’s soccer practice. Son’s piano lessons. Not to mention all cooking and cleaning that has to be done around the house! Time is limited. As we squeeze in extra minutes for another phone call or a few more emails, our time to focus on healthy eating habits slips away. Often times, we are tempted to grab something unhealthy on our way out the door, buy a quick meal at a near by fast food restaurant, or skip meals due to lack of time!


The key to eating healthy on the go is planning ahead.

Keeping my fridge well stocked with organic fruits, veggies, and leftovers is important for when I need some quick nourishment. I always tell my clients to plan ahead- whether that means making  a few chia oat jars to keep for when i have a rushed morning, whipping up a batch of grain free muffins to last me a week, or slicing up cucumbers for when I need light snack before a meeting. When you keep healthy, nutritious food on hand, you’re less likely to grab an order of fries or chips while you run errands.

“Preparation is key to preventing stressful meal times – never wait until 6 p.m. to determine what you will have for dinner”

chia oat jars

On Sunday nights, dedicate time to plan out your weeks meals, compile a shopping list, and cook healthy snacks to last the next few days. Its a good idea to set aside time to make a batch of paleo muffins, overnight chia oat jars, larabars, and other goodies to provide grab-and-go nourishment throughout the week!

Some of Janell’s favorite homemade snacks:

Simple Mills muffin/bread

apple pie larabars

healthy granola

soaked oat chia jars (use coconut cream and coconut milk to replace dairy)

Pantry TakeOver’s pinterest  has links to many wonderful recipe blogs and the PTO instagram is a great place to check for meal and snack ideas.

Check out my article at Atlanta Best Self for more information on why food preparation is so vital.



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