A Must-Watch Video

If you have been to one of my wellness gatherings, you have heard me give an overview of why certain foods can be harmful to your health and suggest healthier alternatives.  Many of you have heard me talk about GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms), food coloring, the unethical treatment of many animals… I am on a mission to educate others about the benefits of eating pure and clean and learning how to choose healthy food options.

A friend of mine shared this video with me about a month ago and I went crazy, it is awesome! I grabbed my children and my husband and made them watch it (3 times); this video is of a 11 yr old boy from Asheville, Birke Baehr,  who exposes many of the problems with our conventional foods.  He speaks from the heart and is  passionate about educating others on the issues with many of our conventional foods.  His energy is definitely contagious!  I am sure we will all be hearing from  this boy again in the near future.
This is a must watch, it is only 5 mins long, ENJOY!!!

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