To Cleanse or not to Cleanse

“Should I do a cleanse?”  is a question I am often asked.   Honestly, I do not think this should even be a question.  I believe that most adults can greatly benefit from a yearly cleanse.  The questions you should ask are: “Which cleanse is right for me and when should I do it?”  The health market is full of cleanses… kidney cleanses, liver cleanses, GI cleanses, master cleanses… the list goes on and on.  I believe that the ideal cleanse is balanced and helps you learn and establish healthier eating and lifestyle habits.   A cleanse should give your body time to relax while removing toxins.  Many people often feel withdrawal symptoms when they first begin a cleanse.  Some may experience flu like symptoms, muscle aches, head aches, cravings, fatigue and weakness.  I recommend that you cleanse only under the care of a health care professional.
I am currently doing a cleanse under the supervision of Dr. Jeremy DiMartino D.C with Thrive Chiropractic Wellness Center in Milton, Georgia.  This cleanse incorporates some of the principles of the Standard Process cleanse as well as some supplements from Springreen.  Dr. Jeremy has created a well balanced cleanse that helps rid the body of toxins, while filling the body with a lot of healthy nutritious foods, shakes and supplements.   It is a 21 day program and comes with ALL the supplements, training, support and recipes you need to help you successfully complete the cleanse and begin to live and feel healthier.  I love this program because it is not meant to deprive you of food but instead allows you eat nutritious small meals all day long!  In addition, Dr. Jeremy focuses a great deal on cleansing the colon; a healthy colon is key to a healthy body and immune system.  Every patient of Thrive that participates in the program, gets unlimited support via email and phone during the cleansing process and will also receive a Pantry TakeOver with me.  For more info please contact Thrive Chiropractic at 678-266-3300 or visit their website at:


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