Janell Sycks

About-JanellJanell Sycks is a nutrition expert who offers personalized consultations to her clients in achieving their specific, individualized health and nutrition goals. As owner of Pantry TakeOver, Sycks applies her vast experience in the health and nutrition field to her clients, providing education and raising awareness on food and the impact it can have on our bodies.

Sycks has more than 10 years of experience in the health and nutrition field. She earned her bachelors’ degrees in anthropology and psychology from Georgia State University and narrowed her focus to public health and anthropology while working at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) throughout college. Sycks’ time at the CDC provided an invaluable experience as she worked alongside some of the most prestigious scientists in the world.

Since then, Sycks has spent more than 10 years working alongside naturopathic and medical doctors. This extensive experience has honed her knowledge and experience in how nutrition can impact people’s overall health and well-being. At the same time, Sycks continues to provide numerous doctors in a wide range of practices including pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, internal medicine, family medicine, naturopathics, acupunture, and chiropractics, assisting with patients to impact their lives and improve both chronic and acute illnesses, as well as addresses general health concerns.

In addition to her vast educational and medical background, Sycks is also a certified Pilates instructor on both the mat and reformer and has completed Stott Pilates Intensive and advanced courses. Sycks has worked for fitness studios in Florida and Georgia.

Realizing a need for nutritional education and support, particularly as information regarding food becomes more confusing, and making smart nutrition choices becomes more challenging, Sycks founded Pantry TakeOver in 2012. With ongoing referrals from the medical community and an increasing business of helping to educate and inform a diverse group of clients, Sycks continues to expand her outreach. As an expert in wellness, food, nutritional products, diets, and supplements, Sycks is constantly uncovering both old and new ideas on how to heal the body and obtain optimal health through health and nutrition.

Sycks is currently in charge of compiling supplement information booklets and ordering all of the supplements and herbs for Dr. Winston Cardwell at Atlanta Integrative Medicine in Roswell, Ga. In order to keep the hundreds of products at Atlanta Integrative Medicine updated, she works with numerous supplement and herbal companies, researches the best companies, manufacturers, and vendors, and stays abreast to the latest news and research regarding various vitamins, minerals, herbs, and supplement formulas.

Sycks takes a unique, hands-on approach in maintaining her knowledge and expertise. In addition to doing constant research on wellness, foods, nutritional products, companies, diets, diseases, supplements, vitamins, and vaccines, and on-going collaboration with medical and homeopathic professionals, Sycks also works with local farmers and tours every farm that she promotes to ensure that they meet her standards of providing organic and non-GMO foods. She uncovers both old and new ideas on how to heal the body and obtain optimal health by constantly challenging conventional methods and deciphering the complex information that overwhelms her clients.

Sycks is married to her high school sweetheart, Nathan. They have a 15-year old daughter, Emma Rose, and seven-year old son, Evan, and reside in metro Atlanta.




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