Pantry TakeOver Market

About Pantry TakeOver Market


The Pantry TakeOver Market is an extension of the existing Pantry TakeOver business, which has the mission of improving the health and nutrition of its clients through education and execution, including a grocery shopping concierge, culinary aide with cooking lessons, cooking assistance, and restaurant consulting services. Pantry TakeOver offers its services within Atlanta and virtually nationwide. Pantry TakeOver Market expands the organization’s national outreach, shipping its products anywhere across the country.

Pantry TakeOver Market provides consumers with an online destination with HUNDREDS of healthy food options, allergy-sensitive products, and smart nutritional choices that meet the high standards of Pantry TakeOver. Each product that is sold or promoted on Pantry TakeOver Market is sampled and researched ensuring that each one meets the PTO standards. With the Pantry TakeOver stamp of approval, consumers can be assured that they are purchasing the most nutritious and highest quality products available. PTO Market offers low on-line pricing and multiple shipping options to insure there are products for every customer.

Pantry TakeOver Market customizes the consumers shopping experience by offering “Pre-Stocked Pantries” within the on-line Amazon store. Janell has created over 10 Pre-Stocked Pantries filled with products that will cater to your specific, individual needs. Whether you have specific food allergies or a new baby, there is a Pantry TakeOver “Pre-Stocked Pantry to help you choose healthy, non-GMO products that best suit you and your family.