Toxic Beauty

Toxic Beauty


It is often said that beauty comes at a cost, but should it cost you your health?

You hear us constantly discuss the importance of what you put in your body, but how often do you think about what you are putting on your body.  We believe what goes ON your body is just as important as what goes IN your body!  Why?  Because it takes less then 30 seconds for ingredients that are put on your body, to be absorbed into your body.  So in essence, the products, chemicals, and medications you choose to put on your body will end up in your body as well.


Unfortunately, there are few regulations regarding the ingredients in cosmetics, body, and hair care products.  The United States has not passed a federal law to regulate the ingredients used in personal care products since 1938. There are over 10,000 chemicals commonly used in body care products and less then 10% of those 10,000 have ever been researched for safety.  The FDA allows chemicals, known to be harmful, to be used in our products, even baby products.  These chemicals are being absorbed in our bodies and found in our lymph nodes, blood, urine and even umbilical cords of babies.  The regulations on body care products are so relaxed that companies are not required to disclose every ingredients and chemicals used. With food, we tell our clients to read every ingredient. But with body care products, not every ingredient is required to be listed.  So what can the consumer do to ensure they are buying safe products?

Over the past 20 years it has becoming increasingly more difficult to find safe products.  Most companies care more about profit then safety and take the stance that a chemical or ingredient is safe until proven harmful.  We believe that each ingredient should be verified safe with extensive research before being used.  Thankfully, in 2013, a group of health conscience, forward-thinking leaders felt the same and started Beautycounter – company dedicated to making safe, top quality cosmetics, hair and body care products. Beautycounter has become our number one recommended company for cosmetics and body care products.

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Here are the TOP 10 reasons why we are believe in and recommend Beautycounter:

  1. SAFE – Safety comes first – Beautycounter is dedicated to ensuring ALL their ingredients are safe.  They have banned over 1,500 ingredients and created a NEVER LIST – a list of proven harmful ingredients that will never be in their products.  Beautycounter has a very specific ingredient selection process and they stay up to date and involved with the latest product and ingredient research.
  2. RATED by the Environmental Working Group – Beautycounter ensures each and every product they sell is rated for its safety by the EWG and they proudly display the rating for each product on their website
  3. EFFECTIVE – Beautycounter takes effectiveness just as serious as safety.  There are many safe ingredients that could be used in body care products but unfortunately many do not work effectively. Beautycounter only uses ingredients with proven success and safety.  So you are not wasting your money, you will get results.
  4. TRANSPARENT – Beautycounter will ALWAYS display each ingredient used in every product.  No guessing game here, honesty is the best policy.
  5. MADE IN AMERICA – All products are made in the USA.  This not only brings jobs and supports to our country but also allows Beautycounter to properly over see each process of product development, making and safety.
  6. BCORPORATION – Beautycounter is the ONLY B Corp skin care company in the world. B Corps are for-profit companies certified by the nonprofit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.
  7. AFFORDABLE – Every single cosmetic product by Beautycounter is under $45.  Pricing is similar to department stores and you never have to leave your house to shop.
  8. SUPPORTS LOCAL – You can support local business men and women by buying Beautycounter from a local representative
  9. CHANGE – Beautycounter is on a mission to change the skin care industry as a whole and put safe products into the hands of everyone.
  10. NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS – Beautycounter products never have and never will be tested on animals

You can become part of the Change and Beautycounter Movement.  First, simply make a stand to only buy and use products proven safe.   Learn more about Beautycounter by visiting our website:



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